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London, Brighton & South Coast Railway 328
Stroudley 4w Third (built in 1890)

LB&SCR Carriage Nr 328 February 2016

In the workshop with the bare frame and no roof initial restoration has begun

328 is a sister coach to Nr 949 and is identical except for the full height partition between each compartment. Originally lit by a single oil lamp when restored each compartment will have its own electric light.

The division for the full height compartment partition was discovered to be in two parts. The C&W people discovered grooves in the side of the coach where the compartment partition was but found that the division was in two parts i.e. one for the bottom half and one for the top half. Originally it was thought the partion was just one single piece.
Detailed below is an example of the newly restored window frames. Unlike Nr 949 the glazing is fitted from the outside. Being designed some ten years later than its sister coach it was found that 949's internal fitted windows suffered from water damage and was difficult to repair.

When restored 328 will form part of a unique Stroudley set.

Stroudley Coach Body 328

Richard Salmon

Type: 4-wheeled Third (Diagram 33 and 44/145)
Built: 1890
Number: 328
Seating: 50 3rd class
Length: 26'
Weight: Original: 8 Tons 10 cwt
To Bluebell: 13/10/2000
Owner: Bluebell Railway Trust

This is an unusual Stroudley carriage, in that, having been built just after Stroudley died, it is a late vehicle and incorporates some design features which are normally associated with Billington carriages, such as the external quarter-light (window) frames.

This coach body was recovered on 13th October 2000 from within a domestic dwelling where it had been since the early years of the 20th century. It was the type of coach body we have been looking for for some years. Together with our Stroudley First, No.661 and the two brakes No.676 and No.949, and the more recently acquired Third No.992, it will help us to form a complete LBSCR train dating from the same period as our two Terriers, also designed by William Stroudley.

A suitable Southern Railway van underframe was obtained, and has been shortened to carry this body. Restoration work commenced in 2010, but it could be at least a decade before we see a complete Stroudley train with a Stroudley engine, which will then form the oldest standard-gauge train in the country.

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